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This week we're making halloween related icons. Since Buffy is the only show with potential halloween episodes, you have the choice to icon characters on costume, make icons with monsters, vampires, and creatures in general, or make dark-grungy-creepy icons. As long it has a halloweeny look you can icon anything you want. Just because the examples I picked are on costume you don't have to icon costume at all.

everythingshiny - messdestruction - wildpages

You may submit up to 3 icons
You can use any pictures you want
All effects are allowed
Your icons must fit LJ standarts: no larger than 40kB, 100x100px
Icons must be made especially for this challenge and by yourself
Submit entries in a new separate post
Provide img src and urls on your entry
Tag you entries with your usename
Icons are due Sunday, November 4th.
Any question? just ask! :)
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